I’m a Stanford-trained, board-certified internist, direct primary care physician, consultant and writer based in Houston, TX. 

I help patients live healthier, happier lives using a proactive and personalized approach that focuses on optimizing nutrition, sleep, mindset, physical activity and stress management at my practice,  Juniper Modern Primary Care.

I also help physicians practice medicine creatively and sustainably with autonomy, authenticity & joy via my virtual education & consulting business, Micropractice Mama.

My writing has been featured in The New England Journal of Medicine, Annals of Internal Medicine, and NPR.



After successfully launching my own solo, direct care micropractice, I found myself constantly being asked by fellow physicians how my practice worked. 

For those who were interested in replicating it, there was truthfully far too much information to share in a few emails or a Zoom chat. Recognizing this hunger for information on solo direct care inspired me to create Micropractice Mama.

Micropractice Mama provides educational resources, support and community to primary care physicians committed to practicing medicine creatively and sustainably with autonomy, authenticity and joy. 

What's Next

I believe that both patients and doctors deserve better than our current system of primary care. I hope to validate the challenges faced by PCPs, in particular those who are women and mothers.

Research shows we have a unique experience with respect to patient expectations, staff demands, outcomes, compensation and division of childcare & household labor. We are often overworked, underpaid and undervalued in traditional practice, I believe solo, direct care micropractice is a potential solution to these challenges. (It certainly was for me.) And now I hope to share my blueprint with others.

E-Course Coming Fall 2024.

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After practicing with large organizations for several years, I realized that traditional medical practices are not serving patients, particularly women, in the ways they want and need. 

Endless forms, crowded waiting rooms, frustrating phone trees, stone-age tech, surprise bills and 15-minute appointments are simply unacceptable in todays world. You deserve better.

I have chosen to take a stand against a broken system by building an innovative new practice rooted in respect for your time, transparency on all costs, direct access to me 24/7, and a personalized and proactive approach to care. 

My practice

Juniper Modern Primary Care is a membership-based medical practice designed for patients who are willing to invest in their long-term health and partner with me to address root causes through evidence-based lifestyle changes, rather than medication alone. 

same or next-day availability

direct access to MD via call/text/email

relaxed appointments

NO copays or surprise bills

NO middlemen

Perks of Membership:

We are currently enrolling new members. Membership is limited.

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ResidenCy, INternal Medicine

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symptoms of Poverty (2015)


Morning Report (2017)

The New England Journal of Medicine

Open Letter to a Burned Out Intern (2020)

Annals of Internal Medicine

Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holidays (2020)

Houston Life


An initiative aimed at Addressing Grief & burnout in healthcare settings through the use of mindful origami.

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A blog where I share writing inspired by all the uncharted, undocumented, between-the-lines aspects of medicine & life.

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An innovative membership-based primary care practice that provides an elevated, personalized, proactive healthcare experience. 

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